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The DesertLeaf has proven to be a very effective marketing tool for Tucson’s restaurants and food-related advertisers. In addtion to their ads, advertisers gain further exposure through the following features of our publication:

  • A "Restaurants & More" listing – a free listing of general information, including restaurant location and hours, that runs every time the advertiser’s ad runs.

  • The "Desert Gourmet" column – a feature article reserved for our restaurant and/or catering advertisers who sign a minimum 6x advertising agreement. (The 6x contract also gives the advertiser a 20% discount off the base price of his or her ad.)
For this feature, our writer will interview your chef and/or owner, we'll send a professional photographer to your location for a photo, and we'll print recipes from your kitchen to share with our readers. Previously featured advertisers have enjoyed an immediate increase in clientele, not to mention long-lasting name recognition. We'll provide you with a framed copy of your article for display, too!

Call your ad rep today to discuss the first available opening for the "Desert Gourmet." We can help you cook up business.

The "Desert Gourmet" fine print:
  • a six-month minimum advertising commitment is required. All 6 ads must run prior to the article, and the client’s account must be current. Alternatively, if the 6x commitment is prepaid, the article can be scheduled for the first available opportunity.

  • There is no minimum ad-size requirement, other than our minimum 1/12 page display ad. You may run a variety of ad sizes over the course of your 6x contract.
Every month, our readers who enjoy the culinary arts can also turn to:
  • "Wine Wise" – a distinctive look at wine and wine culture, written by Dale Sparks, a trained master sommelier and wine distributor;

  • "Read It & Eat" – an eclectic collection of cookbook profiles and recipes to satisfy a wide variey of tastes.

Click image to see an enlarged example of the Desert Gourmet.

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